Connie’s Unexpected Journey…

Having spent 40 years travling the globe as a singer/songwriter, when I lost my voice, all that creativity had to go somewhere! Naturally, I continued writing and took up professional photography creating feature articles for glossy magazines, newspapers and blogs, then I found myself spending four years in the Kenyan bush as corespondent for Distributed Rock Ministry.

While dodging every manner of dangerous peril, i.e. snakes, scorpions, brush fires, tribal warfare, sabotage, floods, sickness, angry mobs and one very aggressive bull elephant, we experienced what’s referred to as the “Peace of God that passes all understanding.”

Seriously, there’s no earthly explanation for remaining calm when a spitting cobra is inches away from your head. So, yes, Jesus is real, protected us in supernatural ways and birthed in me a new voice…not melodious as before, but compelling on the page.

Held in the mighty palm of the Lord’s hand, we lived to tell the amazing stories of God’s miraculous intervention and saw His glory shining in the darkest of places.  And while those adventures are more than enough to fill several novles, there, beneath the shadow of Mt. Ng’iro is where William’s story was born.

So, welcome to an epic, fraught with impossible twists and turns, spiritual warfare and divine intervention, set amidst the breathtaking canvass of Scotland in the adventures of William Ridley and the Celtic Cross!

About Connie MacLeod Author

My husband and I cherish the people we lived alongside, being able to share practical help, but more importantly, as daily survival was never guaranteed, the Good News of Salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ!

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