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William Ridley and the Celtic Cross

Cover Reveal & Book Release!

Check back as you won’t want to miss any of these special events. Also, here’s where you’ll find upcoming dates to meet Connie, get your copy of William’s story signed and hear a bit of her inspiring music.  Don’t miss out on upcoming projects either…just drop us a note on the contact page and we’ll update you via email well in advance so you can be there for all the fun!

William’s magnificent adventures catapult your way in 2024!

March 29 2024

3:00 PM

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Live Friday Jam at Sanctuary 1st

*** Please Note! (28/3) Been battling an upper respiratory infection the past two weeks, so I’m not able to join the jam on Friday.  :>{

However, Jim and Ian would still love for you to join them! Like me, you can enjoy the fellowship and music from home…

March 11 2024

Allander Ladies Fellowship

Shared a lovely afternoon with these dear sisters, talking about the greatness of our Lord, Jesus!

Original Music, Jesus Inspired Adventures and lots of Encouragement!

Sundays 6  – 9 P

Worship at Barrhead – with Pastor Roddy MacLeod

Weekly Music, Message & Fellowship

* Due to health issues, we are meeting via zoom. Please get in touch for connection details.

38 Cross Arthurlie St, Barrhead G78 1QW

               Music ~ Live Jam Friday

Great music, fun, praise & talented songwriters on Sanctuary First Friday Coffee Jam with  Jim Steel.

 Missed it?  Click Here , then sit back & rejoice with a nice cuppa!




        Live Jam Friday

Great music, fun, praise & talented songwriters Ian Paget and Jim Steel.

Let your light so shine that others may see and glorify your Father who is in heaven!